Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cockles, warmed

I did not really know I had cockles in my heart, nor did I know that they had been cold. But then I did not know that I had such good invisible friends either. Thank you for your warming comments.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I'm back, but in a sporadic way. I've missed reading the daily adventures of my imaginary friends but I have not had the three hours daily, it takes to read and comment on all of those blogs. Which, sadly, was really the most fun - I love interaction.

Life in my family has been Straight Up hectic - and my house is more than Slightly Dirty because of it. I have let the annoyance of constant cleaning go by the wayside and have concentrated on my volunteer work, which has, consequently cut down on the amount of marketing being done for my real estate business and thus, cut down on the amount of things I am doing that actually bring in money.

So.... rather than focusing on the literary readability of this blog, I think I will use it for the time being in it's therapeutic capacity, or more like a diary, recording the crazy daily antics of two young performers, their devoted parents, and the animals that love and shed on them.