12/29/2012 - Demotivated

9/15/2012 - Halfway to Goal

4/8/2012 - Abso-flogging-lutely

3/23/2012 - Getting from Before to After

1/15/2012 - Well, now I've gone and done it


I am in the process of signing up to participate in a 13 month non-surgical, exercise and diet based weight loss program sponsored by my employer, Sanford Health.

For this, I need verification by my health care provider that I have had a recent physical, complete with blood work, and other testing.  I also completed a 15 page questionnaire, which asked questions about such things as; my work environment, my family health and weight history, my weight loss readiness,  my motivation for wanting to lose weight, what makes me think I CAN lose weight this time, what I think would make this difficult, the benefits to me of losing weight, the costs/sacrifices of losing weight, and any barriers.

I intend to post here a regular account of this journey, which will begin with the date, my age, my height, my weight, my BMI, and my mood.  I'll jockey around with these things until I find what is most important to track.  I'll also post some 'before' pictures, and pictures along the way to track my "Progress."

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