Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

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Here are Downtown Dad and me celebrating 2007 at Monte's Downtown. It was a lovely evening just the two of us amongst a throng of revelers and a 3 person jazz combo. We had a fabulous dinner that was elegantly presented and timed perfectly to the 10 second countdown. It was a culinary adventure for both of us, as we had to sneak peeks at other diners to see how, and many times, what to eat on our plates! The 5 courses included:

Eggplant battered shrimp with caper berry relish with 3 aioli blend red pepper black pepper and lemon thyme - served with a small pour Fume Blanc. Osetra Caviar stuffed quail eggs - served with a shot of Stoli. Carpaccio of Kobe beef with seared fois gras - with a lovely Syrah followed by a palate cleansing Champagne sorbet.

We chose to have 1 of each and share the entrees which were: Filet Mignon with roasted garlic cream and pomegranate demi-glaze with a cabernet; and Cold Water Lobster Tail with artichoke heart and pancetta stuffing with a dijon-tarragon vinaigrette and proscuitto wrapped asparagus and a glass of chardonnay. For dessert there was black forest cake served with a chocolate infused port.

And last of all - a glass of champagne to toast the new year! Pretty darn uptown spiffy for downtown Fargo!

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