Friday, October 26, 2007

Invisible Friends and Secret Boyfriends

The coolest thing about getting a comment on your blog is following the link back to the commenter's blog and getting to know them. Its really interesting how much I actually have in common with all of my new invisible friends! Take Mrs. G for instance. I followed the link from her comment and read her profile and thought, wow, she's someone I could probably get along with in real life. After reading her October 26th post I am convinced that we are sisters separated at birth! She's secretly in love with Jon Stewart too! Go on, follow the link, drool over the black and white high school yearbook photo, watch over the span of the several photos she's posted, as his hair gradually turns to the silver edged yamulke I imagine him to be wearing. Ahhhh.

Short post I know, but it's 9:57 and even though The Daily Show is in reruns this week, I really have to get this done and go watch.


Kristy said...

Hey, I saw that post too! I love the idea of imaginary boyfriends--ever so much more dependable than the real things, don't you think?
(danger panda)

Annie said...

... and I followed your comment to me back to you! Add me to the crushin' on Jon Stewart list. I even set the timer on the tv so I fall asleep to the sound of his voice.