Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I'm out of creativity today and Blogger has a scheduled outage at 11 p.m., so I need to post something quick. Here is a series of pics of my kids that took 13 years to stage....

The first one was really Beez taking his best friend, AG Bear for a ride, on his preferred mode of transportation, wearing his favorite article of clothing, his cowboy boots!

For the next one, I noticed that Tessie's hood fur matched a bear she had, and, remembering the now 10 year old picture of her big brother, I suggested she take the bear for a ride, which she did posing, and flashing her smile, once she noticed I had the camera in my hand.

The last one, took a bit more cajoling, and several shots to find one that did not have Bearly scowling, or throwing the bear... once I convinced him to actually sit on the trike - which he hated.

Beez 3 1/2 years old 1984

Tessie 3 1/2 years old 1994

Bearly 3 1/2 years old 1997


Angie said...

When all else fails? Post pictures of your kids - you can't go wrong! What cuties. My youngest was born in 1997 - seems like yesterday until I look up and see she is already taller than me! Where does the time go?

Have a good night.

Mrs. G. said...

Oh I love pictures of people's children. They were so cute...I'm sure they still are. Good luck with HSM.