Sunday, February 10, 2008

The One Where I Show You Stuff I Like

I found this meme over at One Bad Mom, and since she could apparently see through my monitor, she spoke directly to me saying that if I was laughing and had an hour or two to spare I should consider myself tagged! Well I was laughing, and whether or not I had an hour or two to spare, I figured since I'm always able to justify or underestimate time - depending on the need, I considered myself tagged!

The rules are this: Answer the questions below using only pictures found online (only the first page of results)

1. The age you will be on your next birthday:
I never really thought of it like this, but yeah, I'm in the "area" of 51... maybe these are the ancient astronauts I was looking for!

2. A place you’d like to visit:
Once again - Auchtermuchty! Someday, someone from here is going to read my blog and see that I am freakishly obsessed with the place and offer me free room and board....

3. Your favorite place:
Goleta, looking toward 'my mountains' sigh....

4. Your favorite object:
I have a handmade, one-of-a-kind, silver unicorn pendant that I always wear, hardly ever take it off - it's my trademark. It looks something like this...

5. Your favorite food:
Not really the take home kind - I'd much rather have them at the restaurant

6. Your favorite animal:
Squirrel Monkeys. I actually had one of these little guys as a pet a long time ago - makes me appreciate my human kids...

7. Your favorite color:
Cobalt Blue.... ooooo icy!

8. The city in which you were born:
Escondido. Actually much further from the ocean and the Mexican border than I always thought.

9. The town in which you live:
Even further from the ocean and the Mexican border!

10. The name of a pet:
Cheechako is my Samoyed dog. It's an Alaskan word for "greenhorn" or newcomer.

11. The first name of your love:
LOL Cats - my new obsession - besides Auchtermuchty, and Dave.

12. Your nickname/screen name:
Actually the nickname is PORK chop, but I just searched for chop... this was a cooler picture than a slab of meat.

13. Your middle name:
I was a little surprised at the pictures that come up on Google Image when I searched my middle name... this was the one on the first page with the least nudity! Apparently Louise is a popular name for porn stars.

14. Your last name:
I would have liked to have had a chance to meet this person. Judging by their tombstone they were just a little ahead of their time.

15. A bad habit of yours:
I don't think words are necessary here - nor, by the way do I think I am alone in this!

16. Your first job:
This might even be THE Danish Bakery I actually worked at!

17. Your dream job:
Maybe not SELF published, but it's on the right track...

18. Your current job:
Yeah, and this is an actual picture of me, in fact all of us Realtors look like this, every day....

19. A Picture you find hilarious:
More LOL Cats... A fud is eatn mah fud! Hahahaha! How can you NOT laugh out loud at that! You'd probably be freaked out by the number of times I can actually fit that phrase into a conversation... I know my kids are.

20. A Picture that inspires you:


Laura/DaPFG said...

haha...i love that last picture. i sent it to my favorite engineer here at work, so thanks :P

also, i am SO obsessed with those lolcats, it's sad. i keep thinking "i can haz (insert whatever here)?" lol.

Junebug said...

You are hilarious! I am going to be in the danger zone of 51 this August. Area 51 coming up on the horizon for me too. I also love cobalt blue, my favorite color. Not to wear though, just to look at. :D

lisaschaos said...

Wait a minute, you live in/near Fargo? I always want to go there. My husband says I'll be dissappointed but I will visit one day.

Mike Golch said...

Linda,this is an awesome posting.Thanks for doing this.Mike

Liz said...

Right, now I've just spent time I shouldn't have spent looking for photos!