Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I vowed for the month of November that I would document my daily life with pictures, and yet....

...here I sit at 10:42pm on a Tuesday... a day FULL to the brim of TRANSITIONS that I'm aching to share, yet, again,

...here I am, eating pecans, drinking wine, watching TV and trying to post something on my blog...  trying to make a connection with the first of November and all of the transitions that are taking place, or going to take place this month

...but did I take pictures today?  No.

Then I realized that one of my most recent posts pointed out that Autumn IS transition.... and you can't have a transition TO unless you have a FROM or a BEFORE.

...so here I am wallowing in Before-ness...

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smalltownme said...

I like your setup there, including the wine. Our computer faces the wall -- the tv is behind me. Of course I could drag out the laptop but that's work.