Saturday, September 25, 2010


Oh, Hi!  Life kind of got in the way of writing, as I suppose it does for everyone else.  Still on the eating plan, still losing weight, still trying to fit the exercise and writing into my daily routine. Meanwhile, through some stellar networking skills on my part, my daughter was able to take the initiative to apply for and get a job before it was even listed!  She also got her ACT scores back, and while they weren't really high, they were passing!  My son was cast in the high school musical, not for the part he wanted necessarily, but still a major role, and a quirky character to boot!  He also received notification that he is a National AP Scholar, and that he is on the Homecoming Court - all on the same day!  Then, both of them took off separately to visit out of town friends who've gone off to college - one on the train, and one driving.  Also, while working the phone bank for a local fund drive, I happened to meet a woman who lived in Goleta during the 70s and 80s, then moved to Fargo! It was really good to talk to someone from the 'hood! What a wild week this has been!

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